Literacy Outreach Program

Literacy Outreach Program Scam or Legit? Check Literacy Outreach Program Reviews below.
Rachael –

Victim Location 77019

Type of a scam Charity

A young girl showed up to my parents house. They were not home at the time. I answered the door and she had a long story about being in foster care most of her life and finding this NON-PROFIT who will help her go to college, if she collected 25,000 points. To collect points she needed to collect donations. Those donations buy books that will be given to Ronald McDonald House, Texas Children’s Hospital, etc. I told her that my parents were not home but we would donate later. She said she would be around the area until 8:30pm and could come back to get the reference number so she could get credit and we could donate online. I took a picture of the contact information and once I got to the website I realized everything I was told was a lie. The company is for-profit, if she collects 25,000 points she gets some travel perks, and there is nowhere on the website to actually choose who gets the books.

Armando –

Scammer’s phone 1-844-662-4473

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s address unknown

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Counterfeit Product

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Young man came to my door in Sept. of 2019 selling books for kids and trying to get a scholarship. Said books would arrive in about 120 days. It has been 5 months now and although I’ve emailed and left phone messages, no one has contacted me about my order.

Krystal –

The kid told me I was helping him travel to another country to attend school. He had a certain goal to me to be able to go and he’d get a certain percentage of everything he sells. I kept my receipt, copy of deposited check and I’ve emailed the company off of their website. They asked for proof, I submitted it TWICE. They only respond when you accuse them of being a scam company. No refund. And he quit responding to my emails. They are stealing money from people. It is a scam.

Chelsea –

Victim Location 91335

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Charity

guy shows up and give the line of being a wounded vet and how his therapy is working with this program to get him back into regular live. . . He said this was helping him and children because of the books they sell which go to libraries and schools in the program. Back and forth and I ask several times and specifically – charity? – tax deductible? Answer more than once positive on both. Wants cash preferably, but will take check or cc. Not going away so I tell him I will look at the website, very sleek.

Long story short they took the money and will not refund, fighting claim with cc company, really aggressive.

the website has associations/ events pictures which look like real charities but when you start reading their fine print they are not and unfortunately I fell for the story and didn’t read it until they had my money.

Nancy –

Victim Location 94041

Total money lost $94.50

Type of a scam Charity

A representative came to my house selling book sets for children. I have video evidence of me asking if they were a non-profit, if my donation was tax deductible and he said yes. He took my phone and to the website and said you can donate any of these things. I purchased it right there. Only to be given a receipt afterwards that said it was a for-profit. I emailed them and asked them to cancel my order and they will not.

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