Litigation Department for Citibank

Litigation Department for Citibank Scam or Legit? Check Litigation Department for Citibank Reviews below.
Bethany –

Victim Location 53910

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A nasty message was left on my cell phone telling me that I needed to be back to my home between the hours of 3 and 5pm to be served paperwork for a specified court case. They left a call back number 855-351-8816 with a reference number to the court case WI-246819. Upon returning the phone call (which stated multiple times that they record for training purposes), they specified an account with Citibank that I opened in 2005 and made payments on through 2012 (which I know that I did not). They shared that this was a breach of contract with Citibank and that they could take my home and contact my employer. They stated that I owed $8744.13 to Citibank and they are required to collect a payment by phone. They also shared that I had avoided a letter that they sent me 60 days ago (later provided me a date of November 13, 2017). They had more information about me than I remembered about myself and knew about confidential matters in my life. They knew my current address and all past addresses and stated that they could cut me a deal if I made a payment immediately. At the end of the call, they said that they would send an email to my personal email (and they knew it). They offered me a deal of a 45% payment plan over 3 months, if I set up within 72 hours.

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