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Litigation Injuction Service Group / Fraud Implications Scam or Legit? Check Litigation Injuction Service Group / Fraud Implications Reviews below.
Jillian –

Victim Location 37388

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband received a voicemail and so did I from No Caller ID. "Robert" (from Litigation) states they are looking for me regarding a legal matter and if I did not return the call using the case number they provided they would proceed with legal actions. I returned the call. Robert begins to tell me the last four of my SS #, where I bank, where my car and home are financed and how many from where credit cards we use. he states that a local hospital has a JUDGEMENT against me for over 6000.00 and how was I going to pay for this. I was stunned. I proceeded to explain to him that I had received no communication by phone, mail or otherwise regarding this. I asked for the date that it went to court (he had told me it was at our local court house) and the dates of service etc.. he gave me 9/9/2003 as date of service and that they had tried to contact me in Nov 2017 without response. (at an address that was changed long ago by 911). he then states since I "seemed like an honest lady and wasn’t aware, , he would talk to his supervisor to see if he could reverse the JUDGEMENT and offer the original settlement. he came back on the like and states they are willing to do this and will settle for around 2800.00 if I will make the payment. I suggested payment arrangements and he transferred me to his supervisor Robert Woods at ext 103. He also was very pushy wanting me to make payment in full using credit card, certified overnight check or a deposit at a local bank (he would give me an account number if I chose this route). I again asked for the date it went to court as I had a legal right to go to my local courthouse and obtain a copy of the JUDGEMENT. he states, "oh, I am sorry, I made a mistake it has not went to court yet but we will be issuing the subpoena very soon with a court date being set within the next 45 days". I asked for time to talk with my husband (and do some checking) and he gave me 24 hours.(this was at 630 pm CST). they also stated that if I didn’t make payment by the next day they would pursue with subpoena. I talked with my husband and we decided to check out the company, do a little research on the net and contact the hospital in question before taking any action. in my net research, I found the name of this company under BBB stating "SCAM". then I found the Scam Tracker, looked up my area and in JUNE 2018 another lady reported almost verbatim this same scenario!! the next morning, I called the hospital and they said there were no dates of service for that year, and they do not pursue accounts that far back, they wound have already been pursued. they also stated they had never heard of this company. WHEW!! GLAD I PAUSED AND RESEARCHED!! the next day around lunch time I received another call from NO CALLER ID and answered. it was the same voice stating his name was DOMINIC HARPER with IMPLICATIONS OF FRAUD, gave me another case number and to call the SAME phone number. I informed him that I knew this was a scam and the police had been notified. he starts raising his voice and stating "you are mistaken if that’s what you think you are WRONG" he was still talking and I hung up. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THERE ARE SO MANY DIFFERENT SCAMS OUT THERE. ALWAYS VERIFY VERIFY VERIFY AND NEVER GIVE ANY INFO OVER THE PHONE IF YOU DID NOT INITIATE THE CALL. BE SAFE.

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