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Victim Location 76522

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband received a call from a woman at the number 877.542.4854. They gave them my maiden name and said it was in reference to legal documentation that would be sent out on Monday and wanted to be certain I would be present to receive said paperwork. He gave them a case number for me to reference when I called them.

I called the number and spoke with a John Soriano (ext 303) and he said I was a defendant in an upcoming civil lawsuit and that Personal Cash Advance was suing me for $1,221.35 plus court and attorney fees.

He stated that I had a payday loan from one of Personal Cash Advance’s daughter companies; ie: Ace Cash Express or Spring Leaf. He stated that he loan was taken out in 2014 and that I had a couple of options. I could dispute the lawsuit and end up paying the entire amount, I could set up a payment plan at $250.00 for 6 months totaling $1500, or I could do a one time settlement of $598.17. Once I decided I would do a recorded sworn statement and receive notification immediately that all legal action was stopped.

Of course this was extremely concerning because he had my social security number, my drivers license number, several past addresses, past email address, last 4 digits of a bank account and full routing number, previous employer information, and even names of people I knew listed as references in the case. Before I was married I was irresponsible with finances and it is possible that this could have been something that was overlooked. The thing that wasn’t making sense was the date of 2014.

I told him before I could make any decisions I would have to speak to my husband and would call him back. I called him back and asked for the original date of the payday loan as I have been a stay at home mother since 2010 and could not have even applied for a payday loan in 2014. He said it was the only date listed but it could have been from before. He stated he could not provide me with any copies of actual documentation because it was all listed as evidence in the civil case. When I asked him about the paperwork the woman told my husband would be delivered on Monday, he stated my husband was contacted by the civil procedures division and it would be a court summons and in order to avoid being served I would have to make a decision, either the payment plan or the settlement. I told him I would talk to my husband some more and then call him back and let him know.

I started looking for numbers or Personal Cash Advance and was unable to find any numbers for a corporate office. I did contact a local branch and was told that they do not send threatening emails or phone calls and that they receive calls on a regular basis regarding similar situations and it is not something their company does.

I researched online and found several scams with the same name I was given (John Soriano) and even his specific extension number all strikingly similar to the situation I was in.

My husband and I have decided if they are going to serve us they can do so and at least we will know if it is legitimate, but the fact that they could not supply us with any documentation supporting their claim made us uneasy.

Beware they are extraordinarily convincing!

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