Litigation Services of Georgia

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Kathleen –

Victim Location 23661

Type of a scam Debt Collections

A young lady by the name of Kathy called me from the number listed above 1-678-647-6279 stating that I had an affidavit out for me for charges of two (2) counts of felonies for check fraud for a company called American Lending. Kathy provided an account number that I was not familiar with and provided a bank name, Branch Banking, that I was not familiar with either. Kathy knew the last four of my social security number, address, telephone number, and an old email that I no longer use. Kathy stated that the balance owed was $1,222.65 and being that I didn’t have the full amount she stated that she would check with the banking department to see if they could settle for a different amount. She then came to the phone and stated that she put her neck out on the line for me which would cost her job and provided the amount of $850.00. Kathy then stated that I had to put down $340.00 today and make payments on the remaining over two more payments by 6 pm today or the charges would continue to be filed. I asked why nothing was ever mailed to my home she just continued to ask if the address that was on file was correct. I research the number and found that this was a scam and the company is based out of Georgia . The company’s name is The Litigation Services of Georgia. Please do not confirm any information if asked.

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