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Glenn –

Victim Location 64029

Type of a scam Other

Company called my work phone looking for my mother to serve a legal notice to her. They asked me to verify name of mom then asked to verify date of birth which I did not do. I then asked there name and company address. What I got was Jonathan King and a Erica Thompson (who said she was a federal compliance officer badge number 4469253). The more questions I asked the less information they would tell me and eventually stated they could not give me the information over the phone because they were not sure who I was. When I told them I was a police officer they completely stopped giving me any information even though they told me they got my phone number from Jackson County, MO. They ended the conversation saying they would take my number out of their system and hung up. Feels like some kind of scam to me.

Rachel –

Victim Location 37388

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband received a no caller id phone call. He answered it and the person told they were looking for me and for me to call 855-557-2267 with a case number. I called and they told me that I owed $6000.00 to a local hospital. When I asked for information he told me they could not give me anymore information due to HIPPA laws. He continued to tell me that they mailed me documents in November of 2017, regarding this matter. I have never received any mail or phone calls regarding this matter or one similar. I then told him that this situation did not seem legitimate, and that what he was saying to me was alarming. He then became very hostile and told me that he was going to make sure that I summons and taken to court, and then proceeded to hang up on me. I called the number back and asked the name of the company, and the man only relied "Litigation". To confirm what he was saying to me, I asked him if he was saying the name of the company was just "Litigation". He never directly answered my question. I proceeded to ask him where the company is located, and explained that I wanted to be clear about the company name and what type of business they do. He never would answer me. I told him that when I looked up the number another company name came up and had nothing to do with any type of litigation. He became very defensive and told me that if I wanted any information that I would need to continue my research. I then asked to speak to with someone above him. He said, "Well then I guess you will need to say a little prayer."

Steve –

Victim Location 97351

Type of a scam Debt Collections

They called, said I had a Payday Loan in collections. Threatened me with court and garnishment. Threatend me if I didn’t give them my checking account routing number and account number, I would be arrested. I was so upset I was in tears. I called a number back from them but it always said it was "no longer in service." I am a senior citizen and have no money as it is. Even asked me if I had a son or husband to pay them with a money card. When I say "no", then they stop calling for a couple of weeks, then they call back.

Timothy –

Victim Location 64870

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Caller called my fiance gave her my personal info then told her I needed to call them back or I would be facing felony charges. I then spoke with them aND they said I had 30min to pay 1700 dollars or the state would proceed with the charges

Corey –

Victim Location 29745

Type of a scam Debt Collections

My husband and I have received numerous phone calls regarding a so called litigation that’s pending against my husband. The caller identifies himself as Tony Fernandez with Litigation Services. His phone number is 513-442-4606. This guy states that there is a case pending and if we didn’t call immediately, that our rights will be forfeited and they will come to our house or place of employment to serve papers. He has also called family members and told them the exact same thing. This is a residential phone line and the owner kept his information private so I paid for a background check on this phone number. This number is registered to Litigation Services however this so called business is not listed with Ohio Secretary of State. I wanted to report this so others are aware of this scammer.

Krista –

Victim Location 85310

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Received what appeared to be fraudulent phone call from person identifying themself as Tony Fernandez from Litigation Services who said he was contacting me as a reference in civil matter and required me to contact an individual about Case File # 19119 immediately. The call was received from 626-671-8342.

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