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Lawrence – Oct 03, 2020

I ordered a outside swing and never received my purchase in July why would someone do this it’s very sad. How do I get my money back I even tried emailing who ever they are no response

Sheila – Sep 20, 2020

I ordered over 15 items from littletoke and when the order came in it was a scarf. Fraud

Sarah – Aug 16, 2020

I order 3 things beginning of july and I still haven’t received anything. I payed with a debit card. I even try to get back on the website and now it won’t load up. We oreder a outdoor playhouse a track car and a water frog table.

Carl – Jul 31, 2020

This company is a scam and now they are using the name kidstikes. I guess it’s still
true if the price is too good to believe it’s not real.
I placed an order on the 25th of July and received a confirmation my package was delivered on the 24th, the day before my order was placed. Sent email no reply. Phone number is not a real number. So glad I used a credit card. My credit card company is taking care of the charges.

Kelly – Jul 30, 2020

This is a scam do not use this website…did the same thing to myself

Laura – Jul 30, 2020

Little has used little tikes logo, trademark, home office, address and phone numbers. They have misrepresented little tikes. All they do is charge your card and send a fake delivery message. Then, you receive nothing! When you realize what has happened, there is no way to get in touch with them except an email they never respond to. Do not fall for their scam as I did. Make positive you are talking to Little Tikes before placing an order. I lost a $101.00 to these SCAMMERS!

Wayne – Jul 29, 2020

I made a purchase today from what I thought was the real little tikes website. It was made to appear to be the real website with toys marked down due to the end of summer and they even used the real logo and real items. After placing my order I checked my email for my confirmation and I never received an email. I instantly became suspicious because legit companies always send email confirmations. I realized my order was actually placed through the website little tokes and not through little tikes. I immediately called my bank and canceled my card and will dispute the purchase once it is posted and no longer pending. The charge shown as pending is for an amount more than my purchased amount as well. BE AWARE this is a SCAM! I found out the company is actually based out of China but is using a US address. I also called the Little Tikes company to make them aware but there is nothing they can do about it but they are aware of it.

Meghan – Jul 28, 2020

Make a purchase through this website after seeing that it was a Dayton Ohio location.
Upon making the purchase received a shipping tracking notice, when I checked the tracking information, it stated that the products were delivered the same day that I made the purchase. I researched further by contacting the number on the website and it was a non-working number. Contacted credit card company immediately and reported a fraudulent purchase. I will also attempt to contact Paypal as well as the payment went through paypal. DO NOT PURCHASE FROM THIS WEBSITE.

Abigail – Jul 18, 2020

Scammer’s phone (330)650-3333

Scammer’s website Littletoke

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country United States

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Initial means of contact Not applicable

Good morning
fraud activity my Credit card was used and I recieved fake email of purchase in the amount of $63.63 and delivery date from USPS for the same day the credit card was used I had saw there was incorrect grammar and spelling i do not know how this happened I filed a fraud claim report with my bank and I will be following up on the update when this transaction took place it was late in the morning I did not notice until the next day which was on JULY 17,2020 it is JULY 18,2020 if I may ask did you try to recieved a refund for this transaction I had tried paypal buy theirs no information on the account for this transaction I tried to file a claim but web site is not given me a option to do so be aware this fake company is using the original address for the real company and a fake customer service phone line that is always busy I will be patience in prayer may you be bless and have a nice day stay safe with blessings…

Austin – Jul 10, 2020

Victim Location 50501

Type of a scam Online Purchase

Looking for little and I got everything looks like little tikes website. These scammers copied everything from little tikes website. It looks good except I noticed incorrect spelling

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