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Samantha – Sep 17, 2020

i had answered a add on facebook for a free neice thermostat if i insilated my addtic instilation they came to my home march 3 and sold me a plain if i got three filters in my basement,carbon filter,soft water maker and a hepia filter on my furnace,for $39.6 weekly i would get the neice thermostat and addtic insulation free.they would insure my furnace ,water heater,and airconditioner,and would buyout my reliance furnace rental on 73 dollars a is sept.17 and have not heard from them get,the customer care line no one answers.i am a retiree 71 years old.they have not installed the thermostat or the insulation as of sept.17 i ‘m lost

Trisha – Aug 31, 2020

Total money lost $40,000

Type of a scam Home Improvement

They Contacted me wanting to talk about saving me money on my monthly utilities by buying new furnace air hepa filter water on demand and and they would secure the financing which they did from Financeit. I have been in touch with the Financeit any numbers they had they gave me are out of order or it goes to answering machine and nobody ever calls you back. Financeit has advise me to file a fraud charge since they can not get a hold of them either. I called the sarnia police station and they told me to due this first. Please advise what i should do next do i stop paying Financeit? Until this is resolved?

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