Liv Tyler

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Timothy –

Victim Location 80916

Total money lost $6,602

Type of a scam Romance

I was on my phone online and was contacted by someone claiming to be the Actress/Model Liv Tyler. She contacted me through Facebook messenger about striking up a friendship with one of her fans and that she felt i was interesting. So i continued replying back to her through messenger and she entrusted me enough to give me her email address which we have been writing each other over the course of two months. It was during this time that i had sent her money to help assist her with getting a check cleared in the UK and she was requesting money to get this account open, so she could clear her check. When i sent the intial 3000.00 dollars to open the account for her, she wanted another thousand dollars because it was not enough money to open the account so i sent another 1602.00 through western union to help her open this account. She then proceeded to tell me that the bank was taking longer than expected to clear the check, and then she told me about realtor contacted her about one of her properties that he was trying to sell for her, so i proceeded to send her more money so that she could sell her house that her husband did not know about, so she could invest the money and she was going to directly deposit the money in my account to take some vacation with me later on down the road. So i sent another 2000 dollars to get the process rolling the paperwork for her house. However, my wife has discovered all this by going through my emails and asked me to report the problem however, the damage has been done and im afraid ill never see that money again, and now i have to pay back the loan of 8000 dollars, which has caused me a financial hardship and has put me in a bad position of trust with me and my wife.

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