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Philip –

Victim Location 98373

Total money lost $599

Type of a scam Tech Support

I received a message on my computer stating my computer has been frozen and I needed to contact Tech Support for assistance. I called right a way because I needed my computer. The tech that I spoke to gave me instructions which I followed. All of a sudden the this company had remote access to my computer. I still did not think much about this at the time. By the time I got off of the phone this company has talked me into buying support for a year which cost $599. I gave my credit card information and they charged my card. A few days went by and I started getting suspicious. I tried to call the number that they left me. I was unable to get through even though I made several attempts. I took my computer to Geek Squad and I was told they never heard of this company and more than likely it is a scan. I had my computer restored to original settings and closed my credit card. An investigation is still pending with my credit card company. I am hoping to recover the $599.

The charge showed up on my Credit Card under Asknet Econo Online

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