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Henry –

Victim Location 07002

Type of a scam Tech Support

My mother was on face book and clicked on a video. A popup box appeared stating that the computer had issues and they need to call the number that was listed so they could again use their computer. My parents called the number and gave the company remote access to their computer after the person on the phone said they were a Microsoft employee. They were charged $349.99 so the company could "fix" nonexistent problems with their PC. The credit card company was contacted after my parents told me what happened and the card was cancelled and the charge was removed. This company preys on the ignorance of the elderly and people that are not computer savvy.

Edwin –

Victim Location 91780

Type of a scam Tech Support


My wife and I have been victims of a scam this weekend.

While using her computer to browse the web, an error message appeared: a blue screen informing the user to contact immediately a Microsoft Certified Technician and not shut down the computer (see attached screenshot)

We called. A technician required remote access to the computer and told us that our computer had been left unprotected since we installed Windows 10 and malware was now infesting our computer. Our only solution was to sign up for their protection plan (from $249 a year to $449 for 3 years). I was asked to start registering when I found out that the company was not Microsoft but Live PC Expert. I asked them why they were not Microsoft as mentioned in the error message and why I should trust them. Then they kept mentioning that I would receive a legal document via email and that they were accredited by the

I told them I wanted to check their identity before committing to anything and they started to find weird reasons to prevent me to do that.

When I checked online on another computer, I read about the "fake blue screen scams from technical support providers" and understood that I just experienced it. I decided to ignore the error message, restart the computer and everything was fine. My computer was indeed protected and they had lied to me all the way.

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