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Victim Location 34698

Type of a scam Employment

The scammer almost got me, through employed workforce it was look legit as the come through workforce career center. They claimed to the hiring manager to a big well-Know establish company such Wal-Mart, Target ,Procter & Gamble, Nestle etc. The person would ask you do you have a yahoo/g mail(hangout and yahoo messenger) email account to set up an interview with you and talk about the companies pay duties and position at the companies. They prefer you to have Google talk/hangout or Yahoo msgs app on your laptop or PC. Then the person wants you to add you to your google hangout/yahoo msgs to talk about job interview and the details of the job. The person will act like a legit job interviewer ask all the right question about job and yourself ( basic Job interview questions ) then the scammer you tell fake information about them and the companies . Then They will ask name,phone, address ,sex ,cell phone number, and location of where you live (BIG RED FLAG!!!). then the scammer will offer you a bunch fake a positions and details about the job, benefits, W4s -W2s forms,part-time, full-time. Also, The scammer will ask you about your banking information of HOW WOULD LIKE TO BE PAID, BY DIRECT DEPOSIT OR CHECKING, (BIGGEST RED FLAG AND WHATEVER YOU DO END IT!!!!!. DO NOT GIVE THEM YOUR BANKING INFORMATION!!!!!!!! NOT EVEN THE NAME OF THE BANK ESPECIALLY YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION AND ROUTER!!!!!!!!!!!!) Then the scammer will give you bunch of fake task for you to do,tell you to check in at a certain time,so the can gain your trust and act like it’s legit job .Once they gain your trust they will say this is not a scam and they say your check is on the way so you can start . Scammer will give you tracking number so you can track the(to get you thinking it’s a legit company) fraudulent bad check via FedEx, UPS and DHL . IF YOU HAVE A BAD FEELING ABOUT THIS LISTEN TO YOURSEL[censored] As, soon as the check arrive without the alleged "Equipment they offer for at home job" then they want to deposit the fake check in your account so you can buy the "soft wares and equipment through their vendors" and use your computer to buy the "software’s and equipment through them" Then they ask about how much money you have in your account (STOP TALKING TO THEM AND REPORT THEM TO WORKFORCE AND YOUR BANK ASAP ) Lucky for me, I ask bunch of question before I due anything and the more question I ask about the fake check the scammer started to become annoyed with me. I think the scammer though i was stupid to ask question (Me asking a bunch a question about the fake check saved me from running through my bank account) and then they started to say to me that "you wanted to do this","you going to do this","this is a company legit" their not scammers. I think they knew i was way asking to many question and keep reassure me this is legit company. Scammers told me that if there any problems with cashier’s check they would send me another one (BIG FLAG). Basically I stop all communication with them and and I made sure they my bank and my information was not in jeopardy and i printed, record, documented and reported everything give it to the fraud investigators for my bank and deleted every google e-mail account i had. My lesson to everyone if sound to good to be true don’t do it and if you fell for it don’t do anything not even cashing a check ,endorse/sign it and reported. Unfortunately , sometimes you can not even trusted workforce career centers ads.

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