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Jill –

Victim Location 43203

Type of a scam Employment

I had been online applying for a job online by posting me resume on Indeed. I got a letter today dated 7.3.18 with a check from a credit union,the check was for $2380. Job: Survey Analyst / Store Evaluator for Walmart and Target for live shopper. It came Priority Mail. Call 832-966-0993 or 832-804-1771. [email protected] Use the enclosed security deposit to complete your assignment, take your portion as your salary. The letter directs me to buy iTune gift cards, keep $350 for my salary. It says "Don’t inform the cashier personnel about performing an assignment. Tell the attendant you want to buy iTune gift cards at CVS Walgreen Rite Aid Kroger 7/11, Dollar Tree Walmart, Speedway, Family Dollar, KMart, Dollar General. Make sure you use remaining funds to buy $100 or $50 denomination only. Please don’t make any mistakes as it is non-refundable. You are going to buy 20 iTune gift cards, scratch all the cards, take clear pictures of all the cards, and email them to [email protected] or [email protected] You are evaluating the smartness of the cashier. You are expected to perform the evaluation without the attention of the cashier or other shoppers. Regards, Mike Donald"  

Katherine –

Victim Location 02895

Total money lost $2,300

Type of a scam Employment

I kept on applying for jobs either on indeed or zip recruiter. The guy texted back and though it sounded good as being a surveyer of companies. I still have the information and the phone number. This happened on 05/01/2018. I discovered the check that he sent me by ups bounced on 5/4/2018. This is for $2300. of which now I have to pay back from my account.

Marcus –

Victim Location 03102

Type of a scam Employment

Employment of a secret shopper. Sent me a check for $2300. Then asked me to transfer $1986 from one Walmart to another Walmart.

Tonya –

Victim Location 13021

Type of a scam Fake Check/Money Order

I had responded to a job ad on regarding a retail marketing company that worked specifically with Wal-Mart stores. Subsequently, I received text messages saying I had been selected and would receive my asssignment and wages in the mail. I had responded to one saying "Send more information", and then disregarded and forgot about it. Until I received the cardboard envelope in the mail. Inside was a cashier’s check and a letter with instructions. The REMITTER of the check was "Josie King", but the "signature" on it was a different name. It was for the amount of $2300, $320 of which was for my wages and the remainder to carry out three assignments. The assignment was to make a purchase and conduct a business transaction and I would be provided with a list of items to purchase and what to do with them. The instructions said to text the 2603 number saying "Assignment received". Then deposit the check and text "funds deposited". Then check account 24 hours later to verify funds were available and text the message "Funds available" to the same 2603 number. All times of texting instructions were accompanied with "If you don’t get a response from us within 3 minutes at any point of contact it is important to reach us at 650-314-9093 or 650-300-7721(Alternative number)" The letter then says deduct the agreed salary of $320 and I’ll receive instructions on what my assignment entails at the Walmart Store. Of course, the "…earlier you have your assignment completed, the quicker your next payment for the next assignment is processed."

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