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Bridget –

Victim Location 78028

Total money lost $1,900

Type of a scam Tech Support

Began with my response to a virus on my computer. LiveTechnician was to help repair my computer remotely. I paid for services of $503.99 on 6/16/16. No complaints on the service but I received an email that their service was closing and they were refunding the $503.99 and was clearing my computer system of unneeded software. I gave bank detail and behind the scenes, they were able to transfer money from one account to another to make it looked like they deposited $2500 in my account. They told me they made a mistake but the way to pay back was to purchase iTunes cards ($1900) and give them the codes … STUPID ME DID IT!! But it was too late before I realized it.

Todd –

Victim Location 38555

Type of a scam Tech Support

contacted concerning computer hacking. I had previously had purchased virus protection thru MSN. Bought lifetime service. One year later got bilked and then again last year when my computer was blocked had to pay 200 dollars because my purchase didn’t cover even though I had a warranty. Last week contacted by same individual David, same routine showed me where I was hacked and My warranty did not cover patch to block hackers. I refused to talk to him anymore because I felt like I was being scammed. Has continued to place calls using Private Number, I have ignored but going to see if AT&T can Block. Live Technician is no longer a business but I failed to check.

Sandra –

Victim Location 35115

Type of a scam Tech Support

I had received an alarm sound on my tablet and when I finally found a phone number to call I was routed around three times and spoke with a gentlemen calling himself Stephen Amell. He was trying to get me to pay to an overseas company to clean my computer of malware and junk. I did not complete this transaction with them because my bank called me stating that they felt like that this is possibly a scam. Every since that night they have been calling my cell phone at least three to seven times daily. They will not give me Supervisor name or name of parent company or website. No money was exchanged but not they are requesting my bank information to "refund" my money. The gentleman was uncooperative and argumentative when I tried explain that there was no money transaction.

Kate –

Victim Location 35952

Total money lost $179.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

On 3/19/17, I was on my computer. A pop-up came up that read "don’t close this page or your hard drive will be erased". It read to call 888-389-7614 to get help with this. I called this number only to learn that they wanted $179.99 to "fix" my computer. I gave them this money. But I don’t understand what they did or did not do. Today, 3/21/17, I called my bank and told them to dispute this charge. I looked them up on your website. You had no record of them. I called my security internet company. They told me that I had been scammed. And Live Technician said they worked for Microsoft, but Microsoft had never heard of them.

Anyway, I called my bank to dispute this today. My bank told me to call this company back and tell them that I wanted my money put back on my card and that I had the bank to dispute this charge. They said "no". I got a call from the "senior mgr" who said his name was Kevin Mars, but he was Chinese. This call came in at 3:28pm with "no caller id" as the number. We talked for a little while and he wanted me to get on my computer and let him talk me through seeing if my computer was still not running correctly. I told him no, because I am not a technician, and I would not know what I was doing. He got really mad at me and told me these words, "I pray to God that you lose all your money and that you die". Nice, huh?

Nichole –

Victim Location 83355

Total money lost $280

Type of a scam Tech Support

my grandmother has been getting calls for a tech support company who want to take remote control of her computer and installs malware that causes a pop up to call them. i have screen shots of the pop up on my phone but cant import it to the computer. but it says to call this number for help +1888472319 and the web address of the pop up is if you call the number it directs you call center with terrible English i pretty sure is based in India. they claim to be in California Florida or New York I’ve heard all three. then they make it look like your computer has been hacked when they are hacking into the computer. they say that its a problem in the wifi system and the only way you can get rid of it is if you pay them and unfortunately my grandmother fell for it. now they’re calling my grandma claiming to give her a refund but now she gives it over to me since i can run the computer and hear on the phone better but she is convinced that they are legit. i knew it was a scam right away but didn’t know she paid them. but once they call and you answer they direct you to a remote sharing service they wanted me to use ammyy to take remote control of the computer if you let them.

Nicole –

Victim Location 96162

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam Tech Support

Help fix problems with one’s computer

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