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Sergio –

Victim Location 84642

Total money lost $800

Type of a scam Tech Support

Back in July of 2015 when I clicked on a website to download a free version of the David Archuleta song "Glorious" I guess I clicked on the wrong link because it caused my mac to stop working and had a phone number at the bottom to call apple support because they had stopped my computer as a safety precaution. I called the number and it was a lady with kind of a Chinese accent. She made it sound like she was from Apple and so I let her help me through fixing the problem. She got my mac book pro to work and then she asked which internet server I use mainly and I told her Safari and she said that Google Chrome has more safety features for block ups on it and I should use that as my main web browser. She then scanned my computer to see if any damage had been done or virus’ that have gotten through. She said that it was really bad and lots of things were damaged and so they needed to transfer my call to a company who deals with these sorts of serious problems all the time. I was then transferred to some guy who had a Indian accent and I needed to download some sort of security system for around $500 I believe. I was hesitant but they said that I would never have problems again and that it would be a watch dog for me and I’d never have to pay another dime to them. I consented finally and they got everything up and running. He gave me his name and contact number and said that they will never contact me but I should contact them once a month just to make sure that everything was working ok with my computer and if I notice any problems with my computer I should contact them. I never did. I received a few more phone calls from some phone numbers that I didn’t recognize a couple months later (around November and December of 2015) but I never answered them. They finally left me a message and said that my computer had been compromised or was at risk or something like that and that I needed to contact them immediately. I guess I shouldn’t have, but I called them back and they told me my ID code that the other people had given me last time and it was right and then they scanned my computer and showed me what was wrong and explained that my IP address had been compromised/stolen, my computer was no longer safe, and the software that was downloaded back in July had been removed. They then asked for $500 to fix it with the mac security system 2016. I argued with them for awhile because I had been told that I would never need to pay any more to them. They were talked down to $299.99. I finally agreed to pay it and James (the technician) told me I would for sure never need to pay anything ever again because this was a for sure fix. I received a couple of calls in February but never answered them and then didn’t hear from them again until March 2016 and I answered the call and a guy named Luis from their business gave me my ID again to prove he was with them and said that they wanted to check my mac again and make sure that it was running ok. I told him it was fine and he checked it and said that one security defense was ok, but the other four of the five defenses were down and that I need to get it fixed. He then said that the service would be free but I would need to pay $40 to fix each of the 4 layers of security. I told him absolutely not and that I had a feeling they were a scam and that I would report them. He tried to calm me down, but I was frustrated and he erased the other tech, James, info from my desktop and replaced it with his and I told him to put it back and put his info too and he reluctantly did, but then right before I closed the contact, he deleted his info from my computer and left James’ info there. That just showed me that he had something to hide. I then contacted Apple myself the next day, talked with a representative who was a native english speaker, thank goodness, and walked me through my own computer (never took control of it) and helped me scan for malware, and other things. They told me that they were pretty sure it was a scam and that I should report it here to bbb and so I am. Hopefully this helps to catch them and stop them from taking advantage of someone else.

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