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Marco – Nov 05, 2020

Scammer’s phone +12602277942

Scammer’s website

Scammer’s email [email protected]

Country South Africa

Type of a scam Investment

Initial means of contact Internet messaging (e.g., WhatsApp)

I deposit thm 2000 bcos the guy said i’l mke 20000 profit ..thre aftr he refrd me to a lady caled Sharon Danilo he said shes the senoir acc mngr and she said i must transfr 6500 n i nly had 5500 she said it was ok aftr the transfr she had long stories of the the compny does nt want to undrstnd n thngs aftr she was the one who said it was fine i can du so n just complte the paymnt aftr i reciev my profit …thn i told her if u cn mt assist just send bck the mny she thn tld me it was already snd to the acc tht my profit arw growing again i told her u cn wthdraw moss she said no the compny does nt want to undrstnd thn she gve me anthr numbr tellng me its the company number +12602277942 this man told me tht my acc is in upgrde i hve to transfr thm 17000 before i can gt my profit i told thm i dnt care bwt the profits just send back all my cash thts all i want thn he told me if i dnt listn to him i will never gt my mony ..I transfrd to a capitec acc Ms KG Mahange

Shane –

Victim Location 37042

Total money lost $700

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I heard about a bitcoin forex trader from the website online chat support. They provided the reps Instagram account and I messaged them on how and what was needed to get started. I asked several times over about any maintenance or upgrade fees before I invested the money. The trader, Murphy Mudia, assured me there were no fees. I trusted his word and bought the bitcoins. I only wanted to invest 600.00 dollars but when he received it, it was only 500.00 so he told me I had to buy another 100.00 worth of bitcoin because he couldn’t change my account. Reluctant I did it again, so stupid of me! So I did all of that and the trading began. That was on a Friday by that Saturday my account had grown to 2k and then the rep had contacted me to ask me about the account. He then said I would have to pay 2k in maintenance and upgrade fees to build up my profits and if I didn’t pay I could not withdraw what profits I have made thus far. I told the rep I didn’t have that much to begin with and if I had known I wouldn’t have invested. Now every other day he messages me to ask when I’ll be making the payment. At this point it’s harassment. I thought I had found a legit forex trader because the same site informed me that a previous trader I had found was a scam. But I was still scammed it seems out of 700.00 dollars! I really need help with this so that I can get my money back and warn others of these Instagram traders

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