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Francisco – Oct 25, 2020

Victim Location 90212

Total money lost $1,500

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

i recieved a message from mr john king he told me he was a forex trade and he had quite good experience with his job.he introduced me on what he does and the company he works and what that company does(name of company livefxtm or got talking and we finally reached an agreement where i was to go for the lowest investment which was $50 to earn $650 after 5days.i invested $50 and was expecting $650 after 5 days but i got an enoumous mail from the same company telling me i need to upgrade my account and i went ahead and made a transfer of $500 in coins and i was told ill get $5500 in 5 days i waited patiently but when i noticed that my profit was reflecting on my account on the website i went ahead and made a withdraw upon making my withdraw the company asked me to pay for commission which was $1000 i went ahead and transfered $1000 expecting my money to be transfered instantly but i was asked to make another transfer of $198 which i declined to do i requested for a refund but the company does want to refund nor give me half of my profit. these people are scammers if you invest little money they will ask you to upgrade your account so that you send the money.there not trustworthy at all there totally fake.they will keep on transferring you to there fake mangers who totaly do nothing.have reported my case to the fbi cause what they are doing is not legit business

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