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Charlotte – Dec 17, 2020

Received the same message. My computer was semi locked up and it also said not to turn off or more damage would be caused. Called them thinking I was getting Microsoft assistance. They manipulated my system for about an hour and want a $299 payment. The problem popped up again. I ctrl+alt+del’ed it and my system was fine. I think I am being scammed. I really can’t just give up that much money.

Latoya – Sep 05, 2020

Victim Location 21911

Type of a scam Tech Support

Unsure if this a scam. Got a pop up on the computer stating a security alert from Microsoft that our IP address was used without our knowledge and consent. Call number to unlock the computer. See photo. Number went to a rep to fix the issue and sell me security for firewall.

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  1. Nov. 5, 2021 Computer locked – pop-up that computer ip address used for porn by foreign addresses and that all my devices were affected. NOt to turn off the computer etc,.. Called the number listed next to Microsoft security – person who answered had heavy East Indian accent – name Sam. Worked on Computer for over an hour – wanted $299, check and check number. Don’t know if anything was fixed but currently have something called AnyDesk which allows for remote access. Reporting to Cyber Crimes

    1. These guys are good…showed me all the pornography that was supposedly on my computer. Same thing, I got a loud computerized warning to call the number, and I did. I feel sick that I allowed someone to remotely control and install “security” apps on my computer. I set up a bill pay through my bank, but they scammed me for a lot more…they may be getting bolder. After I came to my senses, I cancelled the bill pay and finally transferred my Malwarebytes subscription that I had on my last computer to my new computer. I ran a scan and all the stuff they installed was quarantined by malwarebytes…13 files in all. As for the AnyDesk, I shredded that before I even installed my Malwarebytes. There is no need for ANYONE to have remote access to my computer. If they try to collect a payment from me, they can sue me if they like. I’d love to get them in front of a judge.

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