Living Serenity LLC

Living Serenity LLC Scam or Legit? Check Living Serenity LLC Reviews below.
Cory –

Victim Location 68111

Total money lost $70

Type of a scam Charity

This company sent my aunt 50 33 gallon trash bags. The invoice amount was $79.95. This item could be bought at a much cheeper price. They have my Aunt convinced that a portion of the charge goes toward the purchase of the trash bags and the other portion goes toward charity. They have been sending her items like these and others for several years at a inflated price. This will be the last item from them that will be accepted. She promised to pay them for them but I’m not going to pay the invoice until they contact me. Of course I called and got voice mail.

Christie –

Victim Location 20037

Type of a scam Other

Living Serenity, LLC of Phoenix, AZ 85061 sent a package of 4 60W lightbulbs to my 82 year old mother along with an invoice for $149.84. A quick internet search for the brand (4 Halco 60W clear A19 bulbs) shows they are worth ~$13. I suspect they send low-value unsolicited merchandise to seniors along with outrages invoices in the hopes that some of those seniors will pay.

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