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Alex –

Victim Location 28546

Type of a scam Other

A so called video production company and digital marketing agency reached out to me.

David "Dave" Garnett

Project Director/Supervisor

Livingood Pictures

At first I believed it but then things got to be really sketchy. They included a website at the bottom of their email which made it more believable at first, but when you go on the website there is no actually phone number or address to contact. They start by giving me one by one directions, how to go about getting my wardrobe, how they were going to send me money upfront, even had me sign a contract. The contract was the most believable part. They told me that they were doing a project working with and bitcoin. I should have been more careful, they sent me a check like they said and I deposited it. Big mistake. And when they told me to get my wardrobe with the money that they had sent me (the check came from a totally different business in a totally different state) they told me to withdraw all the cash (X amount which was sent on the check) and gave me an address and told me to get my wardrobe there. Mind you, they would only give me what to do step by step so until I completed one task, I couldn’t start the other. When I make it to the location where I’m supposed to get my wardrobe they tell me to locate the nearest Bitcoin ATM to purchase Bitcoin unit into my personal virtual wallet created for you (After completing this task , I will instruct you further on where to go shop your wardrobe). This to me was the really sketchy part. I’ve never used bitcoin to me and this was unusual for a modeling/Acting agency to do so. I didn’t feel comfortable anymore after this and told them if I knew I would be asked to do all this stuff then I would have never signed a contract with them. They are now continuing to threaten me.

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