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Hannah –

Victim Location 20601

Total money lost $149.99

Type of a scam Tech Support

Received call on cell phone from Romario Matos computer license security ID 86005 stating he’s from Microsoft Windows, that I’ve been neglecting to acknowledge their warnings and my computer is being hacked which is about to be shut down completely. He called from 678-643-8437, which upon calling back this morning belongs to a Gary Eller. I was skeptical about Matos call and questioned his validity. He then gave me a number to call to assure his legitimacy 844-233-3003. Still skeptical he got technician Liz Ray microsoft agent id code WIn4002 on line who was persistent and actually called my back after I declined the service. She explained my computer was being hacked and that if I get another computer the IP would be the same and hackers can continue to control my computer. Stated I needed a NEW IP (ip protector) Anti hacking software (virus, anti-malware, block the harmful malicious and junks way, hackers) give security code 1135292937. Typed the following in a Notepad window Company Name Windows Service Center, toll free #844-233-3003, technician name Liza Ray along with her microsoft agent # given above. Merchant name Liz InfoTech and cost of the follow services, I wind up buying a 2-year service for 149.99, they had a 10-year-199.99 USD and Lifetime-249.99 USD, no surcharge, no installing charge, no tech charge, stated I could call 844-233-3003 anytime for tech support although upon calling this number this morning a voice recording states to stay on the line that my call will be taken by the next available agent, then after a while, disconnect the call. They used a software technician to fix my computer named John Parker, Peter Parker from verification department 9:57pm 6/28/16 took me to my new public IP address which was the same as the original one, unfortunately this was after I make payment. He also took me to upon request the location that once showed all my programs being STOPPED, as they were changed to RUNNING by this time, he was a little relunctant of showing me, although he did because of my insistence. Liza stated she was calling from California although both had a heavy accent stated they needed to change my network security because it was totally corrupted. Securing Network Connection from hackers/Peter Parker 10:03pm 6/28/16. He had me to select the Window icon on my keyboard while selecting the letter R. Used software from (Rescue by Log Me In). This is what I’m receiving this morning under a Windows Service Center dialog box (9:45 AM Connecting…

9:45 AM This session has expired and can no longer be used. To start a new session this applet must be downloaded again.)

Stated my computer was being hacked through my Norton Security Software they Installed the following on my desktop Installed CCleaner, Malwarebytes Anit-Malware, Deleteevents and Support-Log Me In Rescue and was told that I needed to go into CCleaner and Malwarebytes weekly to run software.

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