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Jorge – Nov 03, 2020

Victim Location 10589

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Tech Support

I was called about renewing my security tech computer support by this company, and I thought they were legit due to dealing with a similar named company years ago. I thought that company was the same not realizing the name was slightly different. So I agreed to renew and allowed them to go on my computer to update my software. Once they were done they told me it was going to cost $500, and that I had to pay through Paypal, so I paid with my account through my credit card. Then they said that it did not go through, and refunded my money by taking me to paypal and showing me the refund slip. Next they said that I could pay with a gift card from Best Buy so I paid with that just to find out that that card did not go through either. Finally they told me that I needed to go to Target and purchase a card from there, so I did. That seemed to work, and they filled out a refund slip right in front of me for Best Buy. After a few days I checked for refunds to my credit cards and none were made; Each card had $500 dollars on them so I disputed the charges on 2 of them, but was unable to on the third one. That one paid for Target and the amount was spent already on items from two different Target stores. In total I was almost scammed out of $1500, but $1000 has been able to be refunded back to me. Apparently, the company and person I dealt with has been unable to be reached. The man’s name I think is Gupta,Abhishek from India. He lies and says it is Steve Smith and has an email: [email protected] He is the only director, but lies again and says that he will lose his job if you do not pay him.

This whole experience has been a nightmare, and these people should be held accountable along with consequences for what they do! I had to have my hard drive wiped clean, along with all username & passwords changed and request all new credit cards and notify my bank.

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