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Erik –

Victim Location 37076

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I’m not sure if this is a scam. It really did seem like one. The caller left me a voicemail regarding important documents that would be delivered requiring a signature. They left a return phone number with a "Case number" to refer to. When I called, they told me I had an outstanding debt with Fifth Third Bank and that Fifth Third Bank had filed a civil complaint against me, for overdraft fees which dated way back to around 2009-2010 (Fifth Third Bank had been involved in a class action lawsuit since this time, for fraudulent overdraft fees and altering withdrawl dates of payments/charges in order to maximize overdraft fees on their customers). I was one of those customers and was sent an offer around 2010 to join a class action lawsuit (which was filed and WON in which Fifth Third Bank had to pay back millions to its customers for overdraft fees). So, I thought it odd, that they would be stating that Fifth Third Bank was coming after me after all these years, and when I mentioned that there had been a class action lawsuit won, they didn’t seem to know about it, and asked if I had been involved in it. They had my social security number and personal information. They said I will be served with papers on this Monday, and would need to appear in court, and that they are demanding $3000 in payment (My overdraft was initially around $600-$700). I am unsure what to think, and am concerned that this may be a scam and the fact that they have my social security number is disturbing. I traced the phone number online, to Maryland. I looked up the company name online (LLS Advisory Group), but could not find any matches for the company name. Not sure where to go from here to check into validity of this "collection".

Thank you for your time,

(they also had my pre marital last name which I haven’t used in many, many years. )

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