LNP MEGAPOPNET Scam or Legit? Check LNP MEGAPOPNET Reviews below.
Tamara –

Victim Location 79106

Type of a scam Other

I was asked to say yes and the gentleman hung up…

Robyn –

Victim Location 83210

Type of a scam Tech Support

LNP Megapopnet – They incessantly keep calling for tech support services no matter how many times I tell them to stop.

Johnny –

Victim Location 48108

Type of a scam Phishing

I received a call from a caller ID name of LNP MEGAPOPNET. I did not answer because I did not recognize the number. After researching, I found that there were no reports on this number. I proceeded to look up LNP MEGAPOPNET and found claims of phishing. People were being called my different numbers but they were all from the same company. The company made claims of being debt collectors sending people threatening messages in order to get information. After that I called back. The woman who answered talked fast and said she was from ______ College and she asked if I was ____ ____. I couldn’t make out the college she said she was affiliated with so I asked her who she was again. Again she talked so fast that I couldn’t make out her name or the name of the college, then she asked if I was ____ ____. I said no and she hung up. I then private called the number and was connected to an automated system claiming to be academicdegrees.net.

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