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Tristan –

Victim Location 81501

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I had applied for an online loan. within minutes I recieved a call stating I had been approved (I did not fill out any personal information besides name, address, dob).

The gentlemen said his name was Allen Weathers and he asked a few general questions. He said that because I had put my credit score is not above 700, I would need to show I had enough money to be able to make my first payment and once that was verified the loan amount would be transferred into my account (again i had not given any information).

I asked for him to email me the loan documentation so I may review it first. He said he would send it but that I could trust their company and they just needed me to have the store help me verify in person that I had enough for the first payment and that the money would sit in the verification until the first payment was due and I could use that to make my payment.

He said I needed to go to a Kroger or Best Buy (someplace like that) and have them help me with Steam Voucher. He said I could call him once I do that and he will have a third party verify the funds and then transfer the loan to me.

I know better than to pay money for a loan up front. I also never received an email with the loan documents.

Do not ever pay for something up front no matter what reason they give. There is no legitimate reason ever to have to pay any money up front when applying for a loan. And always wait to do anything until you have physical documentation of the loan agreement. (I also will not give my bank account information, if they are a legitimate business, they can send a check which I can have my bank verify prior to cashing).

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