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Kellie –

Victim Location 23139

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was researching online for a loan . My credit score is low, so its been hard to find a source. After putting my information on site I received a call and email with documents granting me the loan I had requested. All I needed to do was send a copy of my drivers license and utility bill plus bank account number for them to deposit the amount I had requested into my account. The verbage within the contract was very sloppy and grammatically incorrect..I asked about the date of payment and the response I got was whatever date I wanted it to be. I felt very uncomfortable with the set up, so therefore, I contacted the in Ca to see if they existed. The bureau has nothing on them. I did not follow thru with the loan, due to the lack of verification on the company.

Charlotte –

Victim Location 11704

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan for 12,000 dollars a man named Allen walker called me stating I was approved for the loan he emailed me paperwork to fill out and email back for loan agreement I did so and called him he states the money will be deposited into My account in 20 to 25 minutes 40 minutes later I called him when the money was not in my account and he had stated to me that since I had such a low credit score and the loan was for so much money that the federal banking commission had stopped the transaction and held the money and that I would have to pay $400 for insurance on the loan I didn’t cancel the transaction and hung up and now I am making this complaint

Billy –

Victim Location 98107

Total money lost $8,200

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was looking for a personal loan to pay off some debt and consolidate into one smaller payment. The loan officer from contacted me by phone saying I was approved for a loan and that I need to fill out some paper and provide some documents. It has been an ongoing battle with them with these so called "insurance" or "fees" that the continuously tell me I have to pay and then I will receive the money and full refund into my account.I should known from the beginning and followed my gut instinct that this was not a good idea but I went through with it anyway because I though it would be over. Also, the loan officer is relentless and never let me (the customer) talk which was very annoying.

1) Insurance. Paid $1000

2) Fee to remove the "red flag" on my credit profile because the FRB said they couldn’t push the process through $5200

3. Fee to setup swift account to transfer my money into the bank account. Paid $2000 of $5310 that they say I owed. They were trying to cut me a deal saying the company would pay the remaining amount, well guess what, they said the "bank" rejected it and needs to be paid by me! I call B.S. on that. Why did they offer that deal in the first place.

Anyways, I did not pay the remaining $3310 even though keep insisting this is the last fee. I don’t know what to do anymore and I have already blasted them that I want a full refund back. To make matters worst, they were telling me to pay using "Steam" card or "Apple" store gift card. They said they could not accept my debit card or credit card per their rules.

James –

Victim Location 03048

Total money lost $625

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for a loan for 5000.00. The gentleman I talked to said that I got the loan and to get a voucher for 225.00 in steam gift cards so I did. Than I was told they needed an additional 400.00 because my credit was too high. Once that was paid than they will have it deposited by Monday. Than I was told they need an additional 400.00 due to IRS issues. I lost over 600.00.

Lydia –

Victim Location 53901

Total money lost $900

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied on line for a personal loan due to needing emergency cash. A company called called me back. They said I got approved and that I needed to get a my cash pay pal card and put 300 on it for proof Id pay my loan back and then they said that I needed to pay taxes and insurance with same kind of cards and the fee was 600 so i got 2 more cards and later was told my loan was fully approved but had a red flag something about irs putting a hold on it because I supposedly owed money. I called irs today and they said it sounded fishy and that if they were to put a hold on a loan there would be a letter of levy for funds owed. I never received any such letter. I called phone number 415-236-3302 and have been working with a man named max at extension 101. He put me on a 3 way with irs but I cannot confirm it was irs and in order to receive my money i have to pay 850 towards money i supposedly owe. when I talked with max and asked for the direct phone number for the irs that he supposedly called he said he could not give it to me. I told him I wanted my money back as the 900 I paid was all that I had and supposedly the 900 I paid was going to be added to my loan as reimbursement. I want my money back i have as yet to receive any form of comfirmation either by text or email. Only have a number he gave me that is suppose to be my loan number

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