Loan Me Rep Name: Vicky Tran

Loan Me Rep Name: Vicky Tran Scam or Legit? Check Loan Me Rep Name: Vicky Tran Reviews below.
Monique –

Victim Location 92354

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

On August 29th, 2018, I received a call directly to my personal mobile phone during the later afternoon at approximately 9:15 PM PST. Upon answering, a female addressed me by name, however, initially, this woman did not reveal her own name nor the name of the company for which she was claiming to represent, only that it was about a loan. In an effort to gain further insight, I asked for the company name at which point she stated, "Loan Me." Further, she led questions regarding my employer, SSN, DOB. I began with providing only my employer initially at which point, the caller disconnected from the conversation. To ensure there was no error or fraud in motion, I opted to call the number back directly. Again, the same woman as well as the original representative, so she claimed, picked up the call on the 3rd ring claiming accidental disconnection. I repeated my employer name and job title during this second call at which point the call was disconnected again. Rather than by chance, this behavior now is alarming. I phoned the number for a 3rd time providing that there are rare happenings except this time, after the 2nd ring, my call was forwarded to a personal voicemail for this individual. My fear is that this individual is obtaining highly personal information and actively partaking in identity theft. It is my sincere intention in reporting this incident that the BBB is able to efficiently and quickly protect the public from this individual and/or group of individuals. Thank you for your help.

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