Loan up and cashneon

Loan up and cashneon Scam or Legit? Check Loan up and cashneon Reviews below.
Noah –

Victim Location 04578

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I went online looking for payday loans. They contacted me by text message said I was approved for a loan up to $10,000. Wanted to confirm everything that I put on my application initially said that they were from Loan Up. They said I was all approved they were going to deposit $6000 into my account and send me the paperwork agreement then said they needed to have my first installment payment paid to them to show I could do it. When I questioned sending them money before they gave me money they kept assuring me that they were valid and when I asked how I was supposed to send the money they said by purchasing a Walmart card and sending it through that. That’s when I really became suspicious. I started asking for more questions and I asked them before I sent it if I could have the company name address and phone number. They responded by you can reach us at this number your texting too. I said why can’t you give me the full information of your parent company or corporate office and Then they sent me the name cash neon with the Texas address but still the same phone number. At that time I decided this is a scam and stopped all contact.

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