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Loans Capitals Scam or Legit? Check Loans Capitals Reviews below.
Dawn –

Victim Location 43402

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I recieved a call from this company the guy says his name is Mark Jones and that he is a loan officer with loan capitals and don’t worry he’s not scamming you and after recieve your loan and him a box of chocolates as a joke to put u at ease well i research his business and there is no such thing as loans capitals u send your money to Pittsburgh but the application he sends says they are from Glendale CA

Francisco –

Victim Location 30909

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I applied for an online loan, a man calls me saying he’s from a company called   He had my information from an application process I went through. The man proceeds to tell me I was approved but since my credit score was not excellent that I had to carry insurance on the loan. To do this it requires a $150 payment through google play.  After checking this companies website and calling the number back to see if this person was real, how they answered the phone, could I hear other conversations in the background etc I Proceeded to pay the $150.  After that was done the loan money was supposed to be deposited into my bank account. But that didn’t happen, instead I was told the funds were released but couldn’t be paid to my account because of taxes I would have to pay first of $285.   I thought at this point something was wrong so I started asking more questions only to be met with anger and aggression.  I asked for a physical address of the company but was only given the website. I asked for a contact if who I would speak with about the taxes and I was told it’s confidential but I could give them the $285 and copy of

My drivers license and the taxes would be taken care of. At this point I told them to just give me my $150 back and we would just part ways.  They informed me that this wasn’t possible.

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