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Angelica –

Victim Location 74066

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

The man told me I was approved for a 4000$ loan all I had to pay was 200$ to get the money then I would b refunded when the money hit my checking account

Natasha –

Victim Location 30106

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I was online searching for a payday loan and was contacted by a Harry Nix which is supposedly a loan officer with Loans Financial. He contacted me and asked if was still looking for a payday loan. I did fill out a lot of payday loans, so I assumed he was from one of the trusted sites that I visited. I was asked for a $*** fee once the paperwork was process and to submit it via Money Gram/Google Play/ Western Union. I should have trusted my gut, because I have never done a loan like this before. I did as asked and was told that I would be receiving a call from the manager Peter Dowling @ ext 818 with my final processing. I was told the amount of $*** was going to be deposited into the account within 30 mins. I waited and was contacted by Peter again and he stated that there was an issue with depositing the loan. He stated that due to California laws, money transfers require state tax fees that totaled up to $***. At that point in time, I lost it and refused to pay any additional funds being that I knew I was just *** out of $***. Peter, the so called manager, was extremely rude and very unprofessional once I requested to speak back to Harry Nix. He seemed unbothered as I continued to try to get more information and about the company. I’m laughing now, they even sent over loan documents to make it seem legit. This is not a legit company and do not fall for anyone whom calls from this company or anyone whom speak with a South East Asian accent or Middle Eastern accent as they are the only ones whom has called with this fraudulent loan option.

Lance –

Victim Location 22033

Total money lost $250

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

[email protected]

They contacted me via email and my contact number. They said that they approved my loans for $*** and I have to buy Apple store Apps cards $*** to cover the insurance for the loan and it will be refundable. I bought the Apple cards and I sent. Then they said we sent your loans to your account from our company account and you will receive it within 40 minutes. After two hours nothing in my accounts. I called them they told I have to pay state tax for the loan which was not indicated in our contract. Then I called them many times their phone is not in service til now. Please DO NOT BUY ANY CARDS . IF THEY ASKED FOR ANY CARDS OR MONEY FOR THE LOAN IT IS CLEAR SCAM.

Crystal –

Victim Location 02324

Total money lost $400

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Was told Inwas approved for a installment loan but I needed to pay payment protection insurance just in case I lost my job or became sick and could not afford my monthly payments.This is stated on there website and is also something that is also offered when applying for a credit card so I was hesitant but it made sense. $*** dollars later I was then told since this was my first installment loan from out of state Massachusetts w[censored]ding my funds until I paid another $*** , stupidly knowing that my state does tax absolutely everything I paid. After confirming with a “supervisor”(Adam Blazer**fake name) and researching this company and not finding anything on scams listed I paid again and then of course I receive another call saying sorry our mistake it was 298.00 and the state will not release your loan until the $*** is paid! I realize now how stupid I am for falling for this but know that I need to share to make sure others do not fall for this scam. I repeatedly asked for the $*** back and they stated that they could not pay they back because it was included in the loan and the state is holding my loan. I asked for the phone number and contact person the where dealing with and they gave me a phone number for an Ohio city tax office , she stated that she or her office would have nothing to do with a loan for a person who lived in another state especially since they never lived in Ohio.

Loan consultant Shane Alex

Loan processor Devon Morgan

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