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Molly –

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

got a call from Loans for People employee name Jeffery. Stating that I applied for a loan and that I was approved for $20.000, Due to my credit not exactly where it should be,I had a choice of 2 options. 1 ) a co signer or 2) deposit of $900, which would be deducted from the over all balance after 12 consecutive mths of payments. I felt that this was a scam and I played along with him. I asked him how was the funds transferred to them. He said e transfer. I then asked how would I receive the funds he said very vaguely, in your account, by wire. I told him that I couldn’t afford that much, he asked me what I could afford, so I stated that only $400. He then proceed to say that they could work with $600. I told him that I would think about it. So playing with them, I called them back the next day, he answered " Jeffery" it was so unprofessional. I explained that I could only do $500, he said No that they couldn’t go that low due to they were already giving me a "discount". I proceed to ask him if they checked my credit history ( knowing full well that there was NO report on my credit history). He said well dear you were approved so yes. Then is asked him what the website was cause I couldn’t find them. He started to say "loansforpeople" I then asked if that was com or ca. He then said well if you didn’t rudely interrupt me you would of heard that it was com. ( couldn’t find it on the web anywhere). So I then told him that I would think about it.. he rudely hung up. So I called back later to continue to play his game. Got an voice mail which was soo very vague. Called back several hours later and stated that I wanted to go ahead with the contract/ loan. He said ok, I asked him if he had my email address he rudely said yes. waiting a couple hours nothing came thru. So I called again and he answered" Jeffery" so I asked him if he sent the contract, he said did you send the money, I told him no until I see the contract. he stated he would get it to me. so about 10 mins later I called back, a lady with a accent of some sort answered, I asked her if the contact was started cause I didn’t get it yet. She told me that it he was out and would be back in 10 mins and to call back. I asked her if she could help me. Very hard to understand. I asked her what time was it whre she was. she really didn’t answer my question. She yelled at me stating that she "TOLD ME TO CALL BACK IN 10 MINS". so I gave it 10 mins called back and "Jeffery" answered with only a hello!. So I stated that I felt it was a scam, that they lady that I spoke to was very rude and I wanted to cancel that loan contract. he said fine.. and HUNG UP! They didn’t get this girl (she knew it was a scam all along).

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