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Larry –

Victim Location 35603

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

I filled out an application for a loan online. "Jeff Kramer" replied and said they could help me but I would need to sign a contract and wire $500 via western union or my bank transfer to a "bank" (which turned out not to be a bank), the phone number given for the "bank" didn’t belong to any business that I could verify (no personal information, no credit check, nothing). I know there are scams out so I asked numerous questions such as why no credit check, why did the information not add up, why was there nothing in the "contract" stating when I would receive the loan, only information it had was when I was paying it back, I asked quite a few questions and received answers to none. All I received as replies is how if I "dig deep enough" online that I can find lies and fake information about anyone. That banks lie because they are a competitor and banks don’t want you to use peer to peer lending. That he has "plenty of customers wanting that money" and he will run his business however he wants. I asked him about complaints and reviews online I’ve found that were negative and he has said everything from banks plant people to make fake reviews to he has resolved the complaints (yet there is no evidence). Bad grammar (email and website), no credit check, dodging questions, expecting upfront payment (which they can "hold" for up to 180 days if "your lender falls thru"), it all speaks that this guy is trying to scam people.

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