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Cody –

Victim Location 16601

Type of a scam Advance Fee Loan

Had a voicemail from the above listed phone number it was supposedly a man named James Scott but his thick accent made me think otherwise. But he proceeded to tell me I was approved for a $1000 unsecured loan, I had been searching and filling out apps for loans so this wasn’t anything I was alarmed of at first. He started going into the details of the payments and when they would start and how the loan could be distributed the options were direct deposit 1-2 business days, by mail 5 business days or it could be transferred today right now through paypal. Obviously I chose the paypal option. We got off the phone I received what appeared to be an email from paypal stating that Loansvale Inc. sent me 1,000 USD, I also got an email titled bank loan agreement? What loan agreement is going to be blank and not outline terms for repayment? As i got these emails he called me back and asked if I had received them I said yes I got the emails then he said to me because my credit score was low I would have to make the first months payment. As soon as he said that I exited out of the pay pal email and went into my actual pay pal account and obviously there was no money sent from anyone. This man tried to tell me that the 1,000 USD would transfer into my account when I paid the $104 first months payment in advance, he stated that his company transferred it that paypal w[censored]ding it. At this point I went back to my email box and opened the PayPal Inc, email in the upper right hand corner it is dated 1 January 2016 and when paypal sends an email it is addressed as [email protected] none of the blue links in the email worked for paypal or anything . If someone was in need of money bad enough this could be a convincing scam if the person isn’t aware that a legitimate loan company does not ask for first months payment.

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