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Claudia –

Victim Location 95757

Total money lost $150

Type of a scam Employment

So this person Ivette Rosado contacted me through Thumbtack which is a website that connects people with local pros to hire them for jobs in their area. This person contacted me and hired me for a cleaning job in Stockton California she said that her regular cleaning girl got into a car accident and she needed somebody ASAP to clean for a client. She asked me how much I would charge for the job and I said 150 and she said that would be fine. She told me that if this job went well that she would send me an email with a form to fill out so they could get a hold of me in the future for other jobs. I asked how I was to be paid and by whom. She said that she would be paying me threw pay pal so I sent her my pay pal information so I could be paid after the work was completed. I went to the clients home and did the 3 hours of cleaning per our agreement. I called Ivette to let her know I was done and was expecting to be paid. This is when she tells me that the payroll part of the company is closed now and can’t pay me. She also says I have to fill out the forms and send them back before I can get paid. I said we never agreed to this and I have received no email or forms from you. She said she would send me the email with the forms to fill out. I did receive the emails but I realized they were not something I was comfortable with signing or giving my social security number and tax info to her. I told her this and she repeated that I would not be paid until I did this. I asked for the company’s phone number and she gave me a fake number but I remembered she had sent me a text earlier with the company phone number so I called and got a voicemail. The forms she was demanding me to fill out was a contract between myself and this local cleaning company Ivette said she worked for and the other is a w9 tax form which wants your social security number and other personal information. She said they company has to have this for proof of payment for their taxes. I told her to make a receipt and that I was in no way giving her my information nor was I obligated to to be paid. I’ve contacted thumbtack to let them know of this issue and they said they have contacted Ivette with no response. When I told ivette I was contacting the irs and social security department she said I would be paid today but I still haven’t. I have attached the email I received and forms she demanded I fill out for payment. I can only attach one form I wanted to show you all the forms she sent me.

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