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Karl –

Victim Location 40504

Total money lost $195

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I was contacted by a woman with a local number about the company Local Data Recovery, she spoke so fast that I never actually understood what she was saying. She called my mother early in Sept. telling her I was defrauding a bank and that she was going to press charges against me if I didn’t call her right away. My mom texted me her phone number, and I called and spoke to her. She explained what she was calling about, which was a valid account I owe, so I paid her $195 dollars without even thinking. However the more I started thinking about it the more, it just seemed odd. I called back after work and left a voicemail for a return phone call, which by the way never happened. Over the weekend I looked at my credit report, and was shocked to find a different company reporting for the same charge. This company was one I had previously talked to, but I know collection agencies often trade/buy other debt. I called the company on my credit history because I thought maybe that was the case and they told me no, they hadn’t and still owned the debt we had a 20 minute conversation about it, which had them telling me I’d been scammed and to report it to my bank ASAP, which I did. This woman has, since then, called me several times. I at one point mentioned I knew this was a scam and she responded with ‘a scam is something you don’t know about, this is something you do know about’. Yesterday she called me again, left a voicemail telling me she hadn’t heard anything from me and that I’ve ignored her calls so she was going downtown. I called back and told her I just spoke with you last week and the week before. She apologized, and the called right back telling me I owned another account with them — this is an account I paid off over the summer. I am scared that this woman has my information! To top it off, I found out yesterday that this woman gave my mother my account information, if this was a valid company that wouldn’t of happened. I am reporting this to my local police department.

Jacqueline –

Victim Location 46804

Type of a scam Debt Collections

I received a call from a number, which I didn’t recognize, so I let it go to voicemail, and a message was left. When I retrieved the message, it was from a lady who identified herself as Sharon Jackson from the legal division and investigation fraud department regarding a complaint which was filed against me and scheduled to be processed in my county this afternoon. She wanted me, or my retained attorney, to call so that she could take a statement. She gave me a case number, a phone number, and an extension to call back. When I called back, she answered the phone, which I thought was odd, given she gave me a four digit extension. She then proceeded to tell me that she was representing a credit card company which was going to garnish my paycheck for the full amount of the debt, which was around $4800. She said that the company was willing to settle for $1800 if I could pay that and prevent the garnishment from taking place, otherwise they would be garnishing me for the entire amount until paid in full. I told her that they cannot garnish my check because they haven’t even taken me to court, and that they would have to do that before a garnishment could take place. She then proceeded to tell me that, due to the age of this delinquent account, and them trying to find me that it had already gone to court. I have lived in the same place for over five years, and other creditors were able to find me, so I knew this was not legitimate. I did previously have a delinquent account with the creditor she referenced, but it was for much less, and I paid that off over three years ago. She read my entire social security number to me, so I know they have my information, which scares me. I called the creditor and the collection agency which I paid three years ago, and both told me that I have a zero balance on this account, and suggested that I file a police report, which I did. She also called my stepmother and left a message similar on her voicemail, but said it was regarding both my stepmom and me. My stepmom was not on this credit card with me. She also returned the call and she was told to disregard the message, that I had already contacted them.

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