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Holly –

Victim Location 92546

Total money lost $600

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Says no identifiable information (me or scam company) but I almost have to say their business name to explain. Feel free to remove ‘name’ if needed. It happened to me but I know filing a complaint doesnt do anything. Maybe this will and prevent others from being scammed.

Im a contractor that signed up with googleads, googlevoice, googlebus, and @2-3 more services. They claimed all free and after I set it all up, it showed that my business was getting @1000 clicks (website) per week, @4000 views per week but after 3 weeks of this, not one call came in and then I got a $50 invoice from them and their googlevoice forwarded ALL my incoming calls for @3 weeks so I missed @45 voicemails and 100+ texts were forwarded to an unknown number. The person who signed me up, his phone# no longer worked (so no questions). I tried to STOP-QUIT-REMOVE and nothing worked. I had to Uninstall google from laptop, remove entire OS and have Verizon fix my phone. THIS ISNT THE COMPLAINT, I only got scammed on $50.

A company called me directly and said they saw/know I quit googlebus/ads/voice and said they work with people who have issues with googleads/bus/voice, etc. and are linked with them. Companies’ name is Local Lighthouse and their representative gave me money back guarantee on EVERYTHING because I was dissatisfied with googlebus/adds. He verbally said $50 per month for a new website (3-5 pages with trackers), a GUARANTEE to be on page 1 at google search for home inspectors and contractors in my area, personalized-multiple phone number and a guarantee to double, at minimum, my amount of incoming calls/work after 30 days of web-site launch. After 30 days, got a invoice for $199. Called and they said thats a 1 time fee. After 60 days, I got $100 invoice, not in top 20 searches, they changed the name of my business for the website, that I NEVER saw (emailed me the name when launched but could never find), no phone #’s, no nothing. Representative never returned any of my calls after 2 call. After 90 days, I asked to stop, be refunded as promised. They refused and said I was locked in for 6months. At 180 days I emailed them to please end this and now refund me (my incoming calls dropped rather than doubling). They said NO, Im locked for 1 year now at $99/month. I emailed I was going to ScamPulse.com them and they replied they have a contract. I never signed a contract and asked @10-15 times for a copy of this. Finally stopped billing me after I claimed Im filing bankruptcy with an attorney and I will expose them. They replied that since I terminated the agreement, NO REFUNDS will be distributed and all guarantees are null/void. If I pursue this matter with legal aide, I will be liable for full amount of the term (it was month to month, then 6 months, then 1 year. So TERM was made up, to their convenience. I lost @$600, no website, not ONE call (all my calls were from my customer base), falsified guarantees, falsified monthly payments, falsified about being connected with google and helping people who got scammed by googlebiz/adds/voice, falsified about 24/7 live operators for concerns/changes/updates, etc…

If they did this with me, a licensed contractor that does Home Inspections and Insurance claims, how many others have they or will be scamming???

my email is [email protected] or [email protected] Im licensed in California. I cant load an image. All of their emails ‘vanished’ after I got real nasty with them to get me out of this without an attorney. I had to spin many lies to get them to stop the scam! This is a scam even though there is a complaint here. But Im not filing a complaint because i was scammed…

Gloria –

Victim Location 95139

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

Business known as "Local lighthouse.com" poses as subcontractors of Google, Bing and Yahoo contacts people by cold calls on phone. Uses a robocall (against public utilities code 2871-2876) including numbers on federal do not call list, robocall directs to an operator. The caller ID spoofs to a (local to the person called) number that is a contact number so the individual can "opt out" (which is fcc compliant) Opt out doesn’t work and calls persist.

Operators will claim they are subcontractors of the above companies, in fact have no affiliation with the companies, nor the right to use their brands in advertising. While the website says they are not affiliated in their about us section, they use a google logo without permission of that entity

The service they offer is not illegal, but not effective as presented.

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