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Local post for international customers LLC Scam or Legit? Check Local post for international customers LLC Reviews below.
Ebony – Sep 28, 2020

Scam. Don’t know what their game is but nothing comes across as legit. Got hired on after a very brief phone interview and started “work” immediately. They said they sent me two packages, however they did not address them to me. They where under someone else’s name and when I contacted them about this they deleted my account and ignored all further correspondence.

Armando – Jul 12, 2020

Victim Location 45069

Type of a scam Employment

I found this job on a job website (indeed.com, monster, etc.). I applied and they quickly got back with me. The business is supposedly located in Colorado. I live in Ohio. So we did an over the phone interview. My job was a “quality control inspector”. I filled out the paperwork they had sent me and I was quickly hired on. My duties involved them sending me packages, I had to inspect them to make sure things were correct and everything was there and not damaged or anything. They would pay me $20 per package. I received my first package, they sent me the printing label and I sent the object out. I apparently am not allowed to cash out until I got $60 all together. And the cash out was only through PayPal. Not direct deposit or anything else. They then had sent me a lot of shipping supplies, which was fine. Oddly enough, it was in someone else’s name but labeled to my home. Although it was sent to me directly. So I told them I received it. My mom saw the supplies and called ups because she didn’t know I was expecting any packages or anything. She called UPS to return it and also called the company the supplies were from, and they said that it was fraud and to send them back immediately. I then contacted the company and told them about that. They sent me “proof of legitimacy” from the state of Colorado to “prove” they’re a real company. Shortly after that, they deleted my account from them. I’m not able to log in or anything. They never paid me the $20 for shipping the first item out. None of the 4 supervisors decided to email me back after I asked them why my account was deleted. I then messaged HR and they told me to contact my supervisors, and I told them I had done that already and they ignored me. HR then ignored me after that. I received another package that I’m supposed to ship out, but I’m now not able to because they won’t contact me back and deleted my account. They owe me $20, I gave them my social security number and drivers license information when they hired me on as well. They also let me order shipping supplies off of USPS, all for free because it was through them. I entered my name and address to order all of it. When I received it, it was oddly in a different name but same building and apartment number just like the supplies they sent me. I don’t know what’s going on with this company but something doesn’t seem right.

Evan – Sep 02, 2020

Hi..what are the products they usually ship?

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