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Oscar – Oct 11, 2020

Victim Location 21502

Total money lost $60

Type of a scam Employment

I was contacted by a person via email who said they got my information off of indeed.com. They said it was regarding an employment opportunity. They told me that I would be a quality control inspector were basically like a spotcheck are on inventory that is being sent out because they’ve had some returns and some complaints and they are having a hard time keeping up with the volume at their small warehouse because of The COVID-19 pandemic. They stated that they are sick of getting returns for inaccurate and/or damaged items so they are hiring a few people to do spot checks on items going out because they are spending a lot of money on items that are arriving damaged or are incorrect. It all seemed legitimate to me at first. They set up a time to do a phone interview inquiring about my availability and local businesses for shipping. I.e. post office, FedEx, UPS, and any other mailing stores. I told him that I was available because I was about to have surgery and would be off work from my current job for about two months. This would be a nice supplement to my income. I excepted a job offer. They sent me a W-2 and an I-9 form and all of the other information that you would need for employment. They required the front and back of my license and Social Security card, which I stupidly scanned and sent them. I even provided them an emergency contact, which was my mom. God bless her. Now she is being harassed.

The three people that I’ve been in contact with from Local Post are: Linda Nicodemo 720-902-6077, Edgar Antonio 720-902-6072, & Kate Prince 720-902-6054.

They sent me some login credentials for a website (local post-us.com). There I was to enter my user name and password that they provided. Once again, it all still seems legitimate. There was information on how to handle packages and what to do with them when receiving and shipping them out. I’ve downloaded and saved the PDFs in case they would ever be needed.

I started receiving packages right away. I received three within the first two days of employment. The first thing I received was a 1oz Gold Bar, the second thing was a fishing reel, and the third thing was a pair of Nike shoes. I thought that I was going to be receiving 10 to 15 packages all at the same time with multiple items inside. That is what I was led to believe. When I received the packages, my name was not on the box. It had my address. I called and asked why it was not addressed to me with my name. They said that they address them using a managers name from which department it came from. Once again, that made sense. I opened the package, took pictures of the item, inspected the item, uploaded an image to the website they provided, and waited further instructions. Once they inspected the picture and everything was OK, they uploaded a shipping label. The shipping label now contained my name and my address as the sender, but obviously was being shipped, what I thought, was to the customer. I received the fishing reel and the Nike shoes on the same day, so I went ahead and took pictures inspected and package them up to send. Something started not feeling right about this whole situation. So after sending these packages I started doing research on the company. I went to the site https://www.sos.state.co.us And a search for the business. It shows up as legitimate and in good standing. I thought I was just being paranoid about this being a decent paying job for such a little work. They offered $20 per package. And told me that I could request a deposit into my PayPal account once I had accrued $60.

After I started doing some research I found another person that went through the same exact situation and mention the same exact people. At that point in time, I told them via text that I could not continue to work for them because I did not feel comfortable with my name on the shipping label. It was not from me. they tried to assure me that that is how things are done, but I’ve not responded to any other texts. They normally do not respond on the weekend. I made sure that I did screenshots of all of the website transactions and I downloaded everything locally before I sent them all the message.

All I wanted was some supplemental income while I was off work because of my surgery. I did not want to be involved in a reshipping scam. It is amazing that after doing extensive research I found that this is a common scam. I did not want to be sending or shipping goods that were purchased with stolen credit cards. That is what most websites said that reshipping scams do.

I hope you are able to find people that are responsible for stealing so much from the innocent.

Monique – Sep 15, 2020

Company name LocalPost is sending merchandise with one name on it and have you remail it to someone else.
HR Manager Linda Nicodemo
Supervisor Kate [email protected]
Supervisor Edgar [email protected]
720 902-6070 (720) 902-6054
This is a scam

Joy – Sep 01, 2020

Victim Location 07866

Total money lost $100

Type of a scam Employment

I put up my resume on a couple different platforms. I got contacted off of ziprecruiter through multiple different people regarding this position.

They go by “LOCAL POST.” First someone named Leon Calvillo ([email protected]) part of the HR department ([email protected]) asked that I reply with my name, address, cell number and asked if I was already employed. I didn’t think anything of it being that it was a “work-from-home-job/ anywhere.” After replying, he explained a little bit of the hiring process and said I would hear from a supervisor.

Someone by the name of

Edward Perez ([email protected]) (720) 902-6070

congratulated me and sent an agreement letter. This explained the job duties I would be preforming as a “quality control inspector.” They asked for my address again to confirm where packages would be sent and a copy of my license.

I was then contacted by another person from “Human Resources” –

Linda Nicodemo ([email protected])

(720) 902-6077

She was my manager. I thought, “Wow a remote company with communication skills! Great.”

She provided her contact details and directions on how to use the dashboard registration… it was slow sometimes when logging in.

I started receiving packages the same week! EXPENSIVE PRODUCTS!!!!

They said they monitored our log in where I was to log in 5 days a week before 9am and 2 more times throughout the day or pay would be penalized.

I spoke with these people on the phone. Through email. Weekly!

They have a company address and warehouse address.


Kate Prince (720) 902-6054

[email protected]

Edgar Antonio (720) 902-6072

[email protected]

There was one catch… some packages were required to be picked up IN STORE or AT UPS/FEDEX/ USPS.

This past Friday, August 28th, I was to pick up a laptop from BestBuy of Rockaway, NJ. Everything was fine until the guy behind the register told me it was canceled due to FRAUD!!!!!! I immediately contacted these people through email and told them to STOP sending packages.

It’s been constant harassment since and have even resorted to calling my emergency contact, MY MOM!

I’m now receiving threats through email of legal action being taken and a police report being filed against me

Below is a picture of the email I first received…………

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