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Roger –

Victim Location 94611

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Having recently updated wills and trusts through an attorney, I had properties for which new deeds were required. These deeds were obtained through the attorney’s office and we paid those fees to our attorney directly. On the same day we received 2 official looking invoices for the same property from 2 different sources differing by $*, $** and $**. My husband called our attorney’s office to question the 2 invoices for the same property; the paralegal at the office said this is a common scam perpetrated by fake companies that review recent actions involving deeds. A week later, this same company sent us another official looking invoice for a second property. We would have paid the invoice on the first property if we had not received a second one for the same property. This seems highly illegal but it didn’t cost us anything.

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