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Evan –

Total money lost $1,200

Type of a scam Moving

We are new to Canada and recently purchased our home. We were looking for moving companies when we saw the above mentioned company on KIJIJI. com

We found the prices to be reasonable at the time and decided to give them a call. My husband spoke to a gentlemen called ‘Jiten’ and asked him the rates. Jiten mentioned that the charge would be $50/ hour for two movers. Additionally it would cost us $50 for truck rental charges and fuel. This conversation was reconfirmed by Jiten (416.305.0422) upon a second call and he assured us that what he mentioned the day before our moving date (our moving date was July 27, 2018) was true and that there were no hidden costs.

So on July 27, two men come to inspect our belongings which we had dismantled and kept ready. The driver’s name was ‘Ken’ and he had an associate helper. The first thing they did was ask us for a deposit of $300 to begin the assignment. We provided the same to them immediately and they gave us a contract to sign.

Our items were moved extremely slowly and we had another stop to pick up a few more items. Once we picked these up and were finally ready to go to our new home; all things went south! Firstly they took the longest detour to reach our area; when they did reach they refused to come home to unload, unless we paid them in full. When we asked them for the final amount, we were shocked to know that it cost us $1600. They even stopped to fill fuel twice thereby adding to the number of hours.

When we questioned them about the amount, Ken refused to talk to us and insisted we talk to his manager ‘Adam’ (416.305.7832). Adam was extremely rude and did not have any logical explanation to their inappropriate charges. He insisted that we pay the amount (which by the way now included $50/hour per mover; heavy items charge!!! [I do not understand what this means, since moving homes would technically involve shifting heavy items!!!]; climbing stair charges!!! and a service charge of 20% apparently for ‘insurance’ (in case of damage). Now, it is important to note here that NONE of this was communicated to us at the very beginning by either Jiten or even the movers, until our items were loaded and we were practically held to ransom to pay. After some serious conversations and discussions with Adam, we paid the money that they demanded and the movers only then came to off load our belongings.

I must point out here that we were constantly communicating with Adam, whose only response to us was ‘Call me back in 10 minutes and I will let you know.’ The items were moved and literally every single piece of furniture is either damaged or dented including our newly renovated home and its walls. We have pictures to prove the same.

We were in the middle of assessing the damages caused with the associate helper and the next thing we know is that both Ken and the helper vanished without informing us. All efforts to reach Ken via phone were in vain as he just did not answer the phone.

Now at this point we immediately called Adam (apparently the supervisor), who seemed least interested in helping us. All he said was ‘take pictures of the damages and email it to us. Our insurance agent will get in touch with you.’ (This was on July 27, 2018). We sent the pictures and Adam confirmed receipt over the phone and since then both the insurance agent as well as Adam are missing in action.

We were promised that the insurance agent would come see the home by July 31, 2018. All our efforts to reach Adam have been in vain, because he answers one time and suggests that we call back and then for the last 48 hours, the phone has been on voice mail!!!!!!

We urge you to take action against such scammers so that other people are not fooled by them.

What’s most shocking is that these people think it is perfectly legitimate to hold innocent clients to ransom, while they make a quick buck. Clearly they are getting away with it and should not!!!!

We hope that this company is taken to task and its license suspended.

Thank you

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