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Gabriel –

Victim Location 15690

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

In November 2017 I was contacted by phone to confirm a cancellation for online search engine use to increase my business presence on the internet. I never had talked to these people before. I asked them to provide a copy of the agreement contract for this service and they just keep insisting that I owe them $899.65 and if I give the my credit card now they will take off 20%. They claimed that I made this agreement a year ago and that payment was due a year later. I did not request this service or talk to these people before. I did submit a complaint to the New York BBB. Localecopages has not responded back to the BBB inquiry. I keep getting phone calls from ecopages about the invoice.

Dennis –

Victim Location 37211

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

We have received repeated phone call and faxes claiming we owe $899.65 for the basic package of some form of advertising. We never signed up for this. After repeated requests for some written documentation that we signed up for this service, the company claims that they have a verbal acknowledgement that we signed up for the service. They also keep offering a 20% discount if we pay by credit card.

Tristan –

Victim Location 53085

Total money lost $500

Type of a scam Yellow Pages/Directories

I receive phone calls saying our company owes money for business listings. They asked me questions and must have recorded and placed my yes and no answers in their format in which the recording sounds like I agreed to their contract. I never did and never would have. They are very persistent and make it seem like I have no choice but to pay. My main concern at this point is what I should say to them when they call, because they don’t seem to give up.

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