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Meredith –

Victim Location 23842

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

Localkeyworddirectory.com has been sending "urgent" invoices for business directory services that we did not order or want. They say that they have a phone recording confirming that we have ordered the services. They have been calling for payment, and have now sent us a letter saying that they are sending our account for further collections. The amount of the invoice is $682.49. The company has a mailing address in Montreal. This is a business directory scam that finds victims by cold-calling offices.

Toni –

Type of a scam Debt Collections

Two people, one from ‘localkeyworddirectory’ and one from ‘citybusinessdirectory’ have called in the last two years (and two different people today) claiming that our company owes them for contracted Google advertising they provided on their websites (as above). The woman, Helen, from ‘credit recovery’ within ‘localkeyworddirectory’, is threatening to send their claim to a collection agency. They have a taped phone conversation which they profess contains confirmation of an on-line directory listing request. It does not. The person they contacted is an unauthorized purchasing employee who confirms our address. He does not understand what they are offering. No signed contract exists.

I’m sure they are skirting the law, however, I am seeking, through you, a means of alerting the public to their methods, menace, and harrassment. This is a collossal waste of time and money for a small company such as ours.

I need to know whether or not to involve our lawyer. Is this a scam?

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