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Ricardo – Dec 29, 2020

When I was locked out, the charge in the web was $49-$229. Without any try, they said the key was very good and need to drill, said $249. Then broke the lock in 1 minute, didn’t put a new lock, and charged us $303. I had to call another locksmith.
Now I noticed they didn’t bring a picking tool, just a drill. The receipt they give me doesn’t contain their information. They are not in Yelp. I don’t have a place to call for a complaint.

Patrick –

Victim Location 93940

Total money lost $303

Type of a scam Other

I called California State Automobile Association for assistance because I had locked myself out of my house. They contacted Locksmith Directory on my behalf. A locksmith came. He drilled out my lock, replaced the lock, kept my second key. He charged me $303.00 . I asked him where he was from . He said Israel. He said he would text me an invoice. He did not. I contacted the company numerous times to try and get a copy of invoice and complain about service and the fact that the "locksmith" kept my second key. I finally realized that I had been scammed and called a local locksmith to rekey my locks. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and a complaint with CSAA.

Jenna –

Victim Location 48198

Type of a scam Fake Invoice/Supplier Bill

I called them because my keys were locked in my car. They asked for an address and vehicle description, then said someone would be out soon. I said hold on, i would like a price quote first. They said starting rate is $49.99 but there will also be other fees like the technician having to use his own tools, and convenience fee, and other factors. I said ok, but I need a quote before I agree to anything. He said he can have the technician give a free complimentary phone call before he dispatches for a more exact quote. I said that’s just fine. Less than 4 minutes later I called back and canceled, before the technician ever called. And I was told that I would be required to pay $29.99 for an inconvenience charge since the tech had already left and almost near my house. I said YEAH RIGHT. NICE TRY, THERE IS NO WAY. And hung up. Then right after, the tech called me and said he was getting ready to leave… No, I canceled. Sorry! Trying to scam me out of my money every way they can. I swear I better not receive a bill in the mail since they know my address.

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  1. I called Locksmith Directory when my son locked himself out of his car. We were told their fee starts at $29, but they wouldn’t know the actual price until they arrived and reviewed the situation. They placed a blowup in the door jam and were in the car within minutes. The price was $229.00 and the driver demanded cash when the ad stated they take credit cards. I’m sure the driver was skimming money off the top by demanding cash. This business is a scam. Call a local towing service for a more ethical service.

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