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Melinda –

Victim Location 91423

Total money lost $189.30

Type of a scam Credit Cards

My fiance and I locked ourselves out of our condo. We searched for locksmith in our area on Google. This website was one of the first ones to come up. We called their customer service number and they told us the price is $29. When the locksmith came, he was able to push a wire under our door to hook our door handle from inside.

After we got inside, he asked us how we’d like to pay. He accepts cash, check, and credit card. But with credit card, he would charge us $1.70 transaction fee. We agreed to pay with credit card. The next morning, we checked our credit card transaction and he charged us $220. We called the locksmith back and he said…"you agreed to pay $175 +29. First of all, that doesn’t total $220. Second, he said $1.70 transaction fee.

We should’ve known it was a scam when he didn’t hand us a receipt.

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