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Bridget –

Victim Location 72076

Type of a scam Employment

Scammer posted a fake job listing for a photographer’s assistant position and when I applied on their website I received an email offering me a spot on a Michael Kors photo shoot with all expenses paid.

They said they would be paying me 1200 for three days and that my initial payment would be sent via a check that would include the money for my accommodations which were to be transferred to a travel agent.

They instructed me to immediately deposit my check into my bank account and then the travel agent would contact me with further instructions.

Alejandro –

Victim Location 90250

Type of a scam Employment

I’ve been applying to jobs for post-graduation and came across Loft Studio on LinkedIn. The page wasn’t loading fully so I went to the website. They have an Apply tab on the site where you fill out your name, address, email, and provide your resume. The next day I received an email saying I got the job and a text asking if I received the email. The job was incredible and I was in disbelief that I could have gotten it. I tried looking up the guy who signed off on the email and couldn’t find him anywhere, not even a website. I began searching how to know if a job is a scam. I got the idea to search a paragraph from the email and I found the exact email for another Assistant Photographer job but under a different company, Best Captures. I’m upset, but if something seems too good to be true, definitely do your research.

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