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Cassie – Sep 12, 2020

I received an email on non-letterhead nor date information from a company I did not apply to. The no letterhead, no date and no contact information is the 1st sign of scam. when the company promises more than you have ever received in a time of uncertain developments. Be aware, stay prayed up! I am unable to copy and past their email. But, it is not true!.

Kevin – Sep 07, 2020

I like many other people during this time was looking for work from home and received a message on LinkedIn one day about this what seemed like amazing opportunity and without thinking took them up on the offer they sent me the contract and I signed it without look much further into the company other than going to their website everything seemed legit so I went on and started “working” for them not knowing it was a scam they offered me a salary and everything I had never heard of money mule scams any ways I “worked” with them for a few months and everything was fine until last week when I went to look at may bank account one morning and it was negative 800,000 I was thinking it had be some huge mistake so I called the bank and they told me that not only were two transfers a received reported as fraudulent which added up to 20,000 but that I also over drafted my account by 770,000 when I tried to transfer money. But the thing is I never tried to transfer money anywhere. So not only did they use me to move money for them but then they stole money from my account. So now I am dealing with the bank and god knows what else is to come this all just happened Thursday morning so I am still at the beginning of the process to see what will happen to me. So yeah if you are approached by or see an add for loft llc or loft wallet avoid it at all cost. You will most likely be contacted by Ector Savilis at the email [email protected] I wish I would have found this before hand but hopefully this will help the next person they try to scam. And if anyone has any advice for me to help me with this situation it would be greatly appreciated. I have no clue what to do.

Blake – Sep 11, 2020

Contact the BBB and they will probably give you the branch of the government that deals with this types of scams, you can find the BBB contact information on their website. You can also contact the FBI, chances are that they already know about these people. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences because there many vulnerable people out there that will fall for this scam due to desperation because of how the economy is right now .

Lee – Sep 06, 2020

I received this email and am trying to figure out how and why a place from the UK is contacting me. Looking into this to see if this is legit. Looks sketchy.
[email protected]
“Your contact details were obtained from a job-related page. We are expanding our team, and seeking applicants for a list of open positions at our company. All information, as well as the job descriptions, are provided with the PDF file attached. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to write us back.
If you are interested in the position please reply us back.
Have a good day.

Ashleigh – Aug 16, 2020

They offered me the job and I signed a contract but it took three weeks for them to respond. I looked on and found different pictures with the same employee names. Scam!

Michael – Aug 11, 2020

Victim Location 48377

Type of a scam Employment

My boyfriend saw an ad for a job on Indeed and submitted his resume. Someone emailed him and they were emailing back and forth for a while and not long after he was sent a job offer email. He had no phone call or in-person interview; it was entirely email-based.

He was told they were based in the UK and Canada and that they would be starting up in the US soon. I saw his job offer letter and saw that it said “It was nice meeting you”, even though he had never “met” this person except through email, which wouldn’t be considered “meeting”. It looked like a copied job offer document. That was a red flag.

He said he googled it and was sent their website link that they had sent him and he checked it out. However, when I went to their website from google, I got tons of pop ups, redirects, and ads. The pictures of the people that supposedly worked there looked like stock photos.

My boyfriend claimed he didn’t get the pop ups, and I checked the link he was given and it had a special / after the website with words about hiring. This probably prevented the pop ups from happening to him. I looked up if this was a scam and got directed to check the website. I searched Loft Wallet and found another person who had a similar experience. They also said there was another website,, that was set up almost the exact same for a similar tech-startup company. They had the exact same names and positions of the “staff” that they claimed worked there, but with completely different stolen photos. I told him not to sign anything and that it was spam.

April – Aug 07, 2020

Victim Location 48033

Type of a scam CryptoCurrency

I received an email that they had found my information on a site like Monster and that they were interested in setting up an interview. I looked up their site and it looked okay, they’re posing as a tech startup, so I agreed. But then they offered me a job without an interview for a good salary even though it was only part time. So I dug deeper and found that none of the people who supposedly worked there had any digital footprint at all. And I found a second website that was identical to the first, except it was called and all the “employees” had radically different pictures. When they sent more information about what I would be doing, it was clear that it was a money laundering scam. Thankfully, all they know about me is my name!

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