Log Me Rescue

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Dominique – Sep 12, 2020

Type of a scam Tech Support

My computer froze on me and a message came up telling me to call ‘Log Me Rescue’ at 1(888)312-7111, so I did. And I foolishly allowed (Shawn Field) to look inside my computer. I scanned a cheque to them, then realized how I had been fooled. I gave him a few choice words, then called my bank to give me another code. My computer is only a week old, and he showed me how the virus ‘Trojan’ is able to sneak past your information. They wanted to charge you $600.00 for a lifetime protection coverage. He did not like how I wrote the cheque and asked me to write another one. I am embarrassed and angry. If they are legitimate then it is my fault. What USA company wants you to write a cheque to an address in Toronto 2967 Dundas Street West, #92, Toronto, Ontario, M6P 1Z2. I am taking my computer tower into be checked.

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