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Nicholas –

Victim Location 21093

Type of a scam Credit Cards


I run a small business where we sell a product on our website and amazon.

This man "Jayce Logan" reached out to me to purchase a large amount of our product. He asked first if we ship to the solomon islands, I said we could if he had a shipping arrangement and he proceeded with his order.

I told him his lead time would be 1-2 weeks.

He contacted me throughout these two weeks wondering when his order would be ready. I gave my manufacturing a sense of urgency to get this order out (when they could have been working on other REAL orders).

He told me to contact "Transline Atlantic" for his contact Donal Juan to set up the shipment going to the solomon islands.

The contact sent me an initial quote and when I emailed 3 times for them to proceed with pick up, no one ever got back to me.

He then, told me to go ahead and charge his card which he emailed all of the details. The billing address was in new jersey.

His credit card of course declined and he said he was going to speak with his bank.

He was calling me 5-10 times a day and then when his card declined I heard nothing from him.

I emailed him 3 times asking if he still wants to proceed and I have not heard from him since.

He also was calling from a restricted number and would not give me his real number.

We spent countless hours putting this large order together only for it to not be legit.

He wasted our time more than I can put into words.

I do not want this man to waste another persons time like he did with ours.

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