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Accept our congratulations for becoming a part of our team!

Now I would like to tell you about Logistics Agent’s work in detail

and give you some practical advice of how to start.

1) Get acquainted with Task Panel

Task Panel is an automated task tracking system designed to help you

manage all tasks assigned to you and store information about the


Access the Task Panel using these credentials:

1. link http://lvectors-agent.com/profile/auth.html

2. login krichardson122179

3. password TempPass1

Within several days, when we include you into the

system, you will receive your first tasks.

Here you will make the reports:

– log in to your panel and choose the option "packages"

(in the field "copies" you can see the button "item",

here you upload the picture of the item and invoice if there is one

– after you upload the picture of the item, choose the option

"mail", and make the report (mention the weight of the item and

the condition of the delivered package)

– request the shipping label in the field "label" (all shipping

labels are prepaid by our company, you just print them out, stick to

the boxes and ship. You use only the labels provided by our company

for shipping, not those in the boxed, received with the packages)

-change the status for package at you panel when you get it to "received", just press the button. When you ship the package press the button "sent"

2) Prepare your workspace

Keep in mind that you need to have free space to store and inspect the

packages. You may have to keep up to 5 medium-sized packages (about

20x15x15) at a time.

You will also need scissors and a box-cutter to unpack packages and a

sticky tape to pack them back. If you have scales for weighing the

packages that is a great advantage but don’t worry if you don’t as it

is optional.

A camera will be of great use to take photos (that should be

under 32 Mb) of the goods for your reports. You may as well use the

camera on your phone.

Shipping labels, provided by the company, should be printed. You may

use your own printer or print the labels in a public library or a post


At the end of the probation, you’ll get a base salary ($2,500). Also,

we will make commission payments to you based on $20 of the completed

order. After probation your salary becomes structural:

base salary ($2500) + monthly bonus.. You’ll get your base salary split

bi-weekly ($1250 every 2 weeks) and a bonus at the end of each month.

Bonus depends on the results of your efforts – if you do not cause

delays, do not damage products, do not break the rules, bonus rises

up to 100 of your base salary and you totally receive $5000. For

the probationary we offer you a paycheck via mail, it may take 1-2

business days to get it, on the day of shipment of your check I will

email you W-9 form.

After the probationary, we open the account for

you with our company for getting paid. A new contract will be send

to you again via email from our hiring department with my

recommendations on the last day of your probationary.

Most of our agents begin getting 90-100 bonus in 3-4 months after getting hired.

At the end of your probationary you will get W-4 form it for getting

some taxes before we send you a paycheck, as we do not pay under the table,

you will be announced your salary with bonus, we can count it together,

and after the probationary there will be a contract with W-9 and W-2 form

Please go back to the above mentioned instructions if you have

questions at any point of your work or contact me directly if you need

any help or advice. Contact me by phone or email, also you can text

me from 9 am to 5 pm on workdays. Please make sure to leave a voice mail

if you can’t reach me and I will call you back as soon as I am available.

I am sure you will carefully follow these steps and get familiar with

the task panel and also prepare your workplace. I wish you best during

the probationary period and I will be glad to help you achieve success.

Best Regards

Edward Lewis

HR Manager


F: (954) 343-6612

P: (954) 837-6384 This was the direct email I have received and unable to reach anyone

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