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Thomas –

Victim Location 62439

Type of a scam Tech Support

Last spring, I purchased a new HP printer. I had no idea how to set it up, so I called the number in the materials and wound up talking to Logitech. Believing the tech support program was legitimate, I enrolled in the program. After a month or so, I became uncomfortable with the idea that when I called for tech support, I was talking with someone in a foreign country. So I decided to enroll in the tech support provided by my local internet provider and felt more comfortable contacting someone in the United States for help. Yesterday, someone claiming to be from Logitech tech support contacted me and told me they were going to refund my money since I opted not to participate in the program. He also informed me that their servers had been hacked and the programs they had installed were no good and would add $50 as compensation making my total $150. Then he says, "Oh no…I hit a wrong key and transferred $1500! What a big mistake! I will lose my job! You will need to refund the balance to me." I suggested that he talk with my bank. Instead, he wanted a money transfer to someone in Nepal. It was a red flag to me that he didn’t want to work with my bank. I don’t believe (at least as of this writing) that I have lost any money (thanks to the security procedures at my bank). I have also contacted my local law enforcement regarding this situation.

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